420 evaluation in Irvine and many other counties and states is a common scene in the US. Nowadays, people purchase cannabis without having to worry about a possible arrest. All thanks to cannabis legalization. More than 33 states in the US have legalized cannabis in some or the other form. While you still need a medical marijuana card in states that allow cannabis use for medical purposes only, some states have legalized cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. So, the question about getting an MMJ card in states such as California where cannabis is completely legal becomes a question of concern. Fortunately, in this post, we will address that question and help you learn why getting a cannabis recommendation or card in a recreational state is beneficial. 

Legal Support

For patients who live in a state where only medical marijuana is allowed, an MMJ card is a must. It helps medical cannabis patients avail of products legally. Take Arkansas as a perfect example. The state legalized cannabis four years ago but licensed cannabis sales began in 2019. The rules clearly stated that possession of fewer than four ounces of marijuana will fall under the category of class A misdemeanor. 

If found guilty, the individual could face one year prison and $2,500 as a penalty. Even worse, those who commit D class felony have to face 6 years prison along with a $6,000 fine as a penalty from the court of law. This means that you can purchase and possess cannabis but you must have an MMJ card to help protect yourself from the legal nuances associated with cannabis. 

Cannabis Tax Exemption 

If you reside in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, having an MMJ card can help you save money. This is one of the vital benefits of getting a cannabis recommendation in a recreational state. In Colorado, cannabis users can save both retail and excise tax. On the other hand, states such as California allow MMJ patients to save up to 25% tax money. Not only this, but they can also avail of high-quality products at an extremely affordable price. As far as recreational users are concerned, they have to pay the tax price associated with the MRP of the product. Now, the trick here is that cannabis is expensive and a person without a stable income is most likely to burn a hole in the pocket. 

To be more precise, here’s an example: imagine your medical expenses are not covered by insurance. Cannabis drugs such as Epidiolex approved by the FDA for medical treatment will cost $2,500 a month. However, with the help of an MMJ card, the same cost will be reduced to a fraction of the original price. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that Epidiolex prescriptions are prescribed for rare forms of epilepsy. So, make sure you get it from the right source.

Higher Possession and Age Limits

MMJ cardholders are legally allowed to possess more cannabis than the ones without a recommendation or card. In California, medical cannabis patients can carry up to 8 ounces of cannabis. Whereas, recreational users are allowed to possess only one ounce of cannabis along with 8 grams of concentrates. In addition to this, a patient aged 18 and above can get cannabis with the help of an MMJ card. Ideally, the universal age limit is 18 but make sure you check your state laws. For recreational users, the age limit is 21. And they should have a state-issued ID card as proof of identity and residency. 

Increased Growing Limits

Let’s face it, despite legalization, not every state allows patients to grow cannabis at home. Although states such as California allow medical marijuana cardholders to grow cannabis indoors. The legal limit is set to 12 plants out of which a patient can grow 6 mature plants. Also, some recreational states allow MMJ cardholders to grow more plants than those who do not have a card. 

The only exception, in this case, is that MMJ cardholders can grow as many as 99 plants if they apply and receive a medical marijuana growers’ license. Also, the legal limit may decrease as the laws change in the near future. All in all, make sure you get 420 evaluations in Irvine and grow cannabis plants legally.