When people start consuming edibles they think that the psychoactive effects will appear shortly. In contrast, it takes up to 2-3 hours for an edible to show its effects. While some believe that edibles are really powerful others think that they are perfect for the upbeat-heady effects. However, some people complain that regardless of the effects they have at the onset, edibles make them feel tired and sleepy. it is true that edibles and largely cannabis can indeed have unpredictable effects on the human body. Factors such as dosage, environment, product type, and experience play a major role in altering and enhancing the effects. In fact, our body’s biochemistry also plays a major role in deciding how cannabis will affect the body. 

The only problem is that we do not have quantifiable research and scientific baking to understand why edibles make some people sluggish and sleepy all the time. Although, we have anecdotal evidence and a few studies that throw light on this subject. Read on to find out. 

Terpenes Have Both Relaxing and Energising Effects

Terpenes are aromatic compounds with relaxing properties. They protect the plants from unwanted insects or predators and bring out a distinctive smell in the cannabis plant. Everything that you taste or smell while consuming cannabis is because of these magical compounds. Though there is a paucity of research on terpenes, experts believe that terpenes do more than regulating smell and taste. Terpenes may also be responsible for the therapeutic effects associated with cannabis. In particular, collective action with cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG, and THC. 

Simply put, all the compounds of the cannabis plant work in tandem with each other to provide therapeutic effects. This also means that terpenes play a major role during the entourage effect. That said let us now understand why terpenes are responsible for your sluggish behavior. Well, the answer is very simple. Terpenes such as limonene are thought to be energizing. Whereas, lavender and linalool provide a very soothing and relaxing effect. Although, you should keep in mind that we still do not have extensive research on the subject of terpenes. So, make sure you take advice from medical marijuana doctors in Irvine or a cannabis expert before 

jumping to conclusions. 

In addition to this, experts say that the effects of terpenes such as myrcene found in mango are sedative. Myrcene is one of the common terpenes found in the cannabis plant. So, you are most likely to feel couch-locked, tired, and exhausted because of myrcene sleepy effects. 

Over-Decarboxylated Cannabis

The process of decarboxylation allows the formation of high-quality cannabis. But that doesn’t mean that high-quality edibles will make you feel tired or exhausted. It simply means that over-decarboxylated cannabis could be the reason behind sluggishness. You see, during the process of decarboxylation, cannabis is heated and dried. This causes the cannabis plant to convert THCA into THC. 

However, overheating can destroy the cannabis flower or bud and decrease the quality of terpenes along with the cannabinoids. In fact, this sensitivity towards high temperature also forces the plant to convert THC into CBN – acknowledged for its sleepy effects. So, ensure that you decarboxylate your cannabis properly and purchase edibles from a store that you can trust because it will be hard to measure the levels of decarboxylation after the cannabis product is ready for consumption and use. 

Cannabis Trimming 

At a certain point, cannabis growers and cultivators trim some leaves from the plant in order to receive an excellent by the end of the harvesting season. Growers ideally remove the leaves and focus on transferring that energy to the buds. This activity is also known as snipping and it allows more room for the overall development of the plant. The only problem here is that the trimmed parts are often shipped to companies that manufacture and produce edibles. Multiple growers trim bags of

cannabis leaves and they don’t even separate Sative from Indica. Also, there is no guarantee that edible making companies go through the process of segregation. 

These companies may use the blend of Sativa and Indica to make edibles. As a result, the final product will be a mix of both energizing and relaxing properties. A blend of cannabis may be good for those who are regular cannabis smokers, but it might cause a problem for newcomers because we all know that edibles have a powerful effect on our mind and body. Moreover, the market is filled with edibles. Some are high-quality and strain-specific while others may be low quality. 

If you’re looking for hybrid-specific options, talk to the budtender, and look for brands that are famous for producing high-quality edibles. And always remember that it is wise to seek edibles that are strain-specific because each strain is engineered according to the experience you’re looking for. But the story does not end here. From manufacturers, growers to producers everyone knows that edibles work inside the human body is still under research. Years ago cannabis was infused inside brownies and small batches were made for recreational purposes.

What’s More

Looking at the recent time, it is fair to say that things have changed a lot for the edible industries. Now we have gummy bears, candies, and every other form of cannabis edible. In fact. Some people go as far as cooking with the help of cannabis butter. A few batches of brownie have turned into large scale production of cakes, chocolates, and other forms of edibles. With so many edibles at our disposal, it becomes vital to learn everything about safety and proper usage.  

Until we have concrete proof, here’s what you can do. Start small and be mindful of the dose at all times. Edibles take time to show its effects. So, you might feel the need to eat more edibles. In fact, for starters, one gummy bear is enough to help you experience the effects of cannabinoids. Finding your ideal dose and the type of product that suits you. This way you can decide how many gummy bears do you need to feel the relaxing or energizing effects. 

The Possible Scientific Explanation

If we look at the process of cannabis digestion, the process is quite similar to the digestion process of other food items. The cannabinoids are metabolized in the liver and carried through the blood into the brain and other parts of the body. The processes or metabolized form of THC is a powerful substance and it can cause an

individual to feel the effects as soon as THC interacts with the receptors in the brain. These effects will relax your body and mind for a few hours. The only exception, in this case, is that scientists are still trying to understand the relationship between terpenes and cannabis. So, until further research, get advice from medical marijuana doctors in Irvine for anything related to cannabis use.